Our NetSuite Background

In 2011, Nick Gibbons - co-founder of Bournemouth Digital - became a NetSuite client, working for Stanley Gibbons PLC which, at the time, was experiencing a stage of rapid growth. Nick was tasked with reviewing all ERP systems available on the market and assessing which was the most complete and appropriate for Stanley Gibbons’ business requirements.

After 3 months of writing BRDs, FRDs and performing in-depth Gap Analysis, he found that NetSuite offered 2 things that none of the others did - it was the first on the market to be fully SaaS, and it was as extensible as any self-hosted platform. Nick led the configuration, data migration and training of NetSuite from the ground up, making sure all business areas were covered. 

After going live, and the with configuration running successfully, Nick found himself in need of a new challenge. His strategic move to work directly for NetSuite as a consultant meant lots of exposure to all types of business problems, with the eventual rise to the position of EMEA Technical Architect - responsible for reviewing technical integrations and configuration setups across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 
It was with this unique vantage point that he discovered each client struggles with the same problem - NetSuite development resources are few and far between. If you hire a single contractor then you have a key man dependency. But, if you use NetSuite for this service you end up on a waiting list, and the costs can spiral.

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