Our background

Formed in 2016 as a collective of digital professionals, Bournemouth Digital (or Boudig to our friends) was created as a platform for like-minded techy types to develop money saving and efficiency enhancing solutions to businesses, with tangible results to shout about.

Our approach

Our motivation is different. We enjoy the simple pleasure of nurturing an elegantly designed, smart solution to fruition. With this value at our core, we can strip back all other distractions and be who we are - creatives, engineers and architects.


We are Visionary Designers

Our creative designers will take an initial brief and turn it into a fully realised, market ready product. The exploration of an idea is complimented by insight into the modern trends and expectations, and how to leverage it with forward thinking design.


We are Pragmatic Developers

Our team of software developers are a logical bunch, and they need to be. We take a methodical approach to coding - building, testing, approving; rinse and repeat.


We are Proven Strategists

With decades of experience between us, we have come across and advised on hundreds of digital scenarios. Drawing from this experience gives us the best chance of not only succeeding, but exceeding in your next digital venture.

We coffee

Let's work together


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