Onboarding of existing services

Downtime is one of the most worrying circumstances a website owner can face -
loss of access to a service can result in customer dissatisfaction and
mistrust, and can result in unknown time costs and frustrations for a site
owner. Rand Group estimate downtime costs for a single hour can hit [hundreds
of thousands in revenue] (https://www.randgroup.com/insights/cost-of-business-downtime/), a
number that rises year on year.

Many business owners come to us for help with existing sites that are going
through that dark period. When faced with an unknown project where delivering
full functionality is a priority, we go through a process to ensure we can
solve issues quickly, effectively, and without further impacting the end users.

## Mitigating impact to the client

Prior to a deep investigation, we seek to mitigate any existing downtime by
treating symptoms of the problems. Our development team has the existing
knowledge with common toolkits and content management systems such as
Wordpress, Umbraco, phpBB and more, to allows us to quickly find mistakes or
security flaws that previous developers might have left behind.

## Keeping clients informed

We set up with monitoring and diagnostics that let us examine
the health of a solution. This provides us with valuable information regarding
CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer and more that alerts us to any issues
without delay, and often allows us to predict downtime before it happens.
We provide this information to site owners through a web interface, so you
aren't left in the dark until it's too late.

## Fixing core problems

Once diagnostics are set up, we replicate the deployed servers for our own
testing. With these newly set up machines we can make configuration changes and
compare their health to that of the live system. We experiment with ways to
provide a full solution without ever causing additional negative impact to the
live service.

When we've found potential fixes, we continue to monitor systems over time to
ensure there's a full solution, not just a temporary patch. We want to ensure
our fixes hold up over time whilst also being able to deploy changes as soon as
possible. To do this we use tooling to stress test servers, sending hundreds of
page requests to our test servers at once to simulate heavy load in a safe
environment. This also serves as an additional diagnostic process, revealing
any further issues before the live site experiences them.

## Delivering solutions

Once we're content that our changes are stable, we prepare to deploy the
changes to the live system. We work with the client to identify a safe period
of time for delivering the new site, making sure any content management or
promotions won't be disrupted. We aim to deliver as transparently as possible
to ensure end users aren't adversely affected.

Following deployment we continue to monitor the live service to guarantee
the site stays stable and without issue. Our comprehensive diagnostics give
clients peace of mind that issues won't go unmissed.

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