Story Telling with Data

Creative Jam

We challenged the teams to produce a piece of software or website, an animation, or a static graphic piece that draws on data in ways that improves lives. And the results were fantastic!

A big thanks to everyone involved in the recent Creative Jam we held on 11th November 2020.

But now for the important bit.... The prizes!!!

Grand Prize Winners

Team Darcy


Well done to team Darcy for the fantastic driving simulation presentation that proposed to help people become better drivers by asking them to undertake a simulated drive.

The judges felt that you clearly understood the problem, presented incredibly professionally and that the gaming aspect could have applications on mobile and at tradeshows. Good job guys!

Bonus Challenges Winners

But we all know that the grand prize wasn't the only thing to win! In honour of all the teams that took part, and all the banter on the Discord channel, below are the winners of the bonus challenges.

Challenge 1: Best Team Photo

Challenge 2: Hide a Pug in your Presentation
Free Range Chickens

Challenge 3: Now Destroy your Opponents Team Photo
The Ryds

Challenge 4: Best Troll

Challenge 5: Photoshop the Ageas Logo 
The Ryds 

Challenge 6: Quick! Cat GIF!
Computing University Mates



A special thanks to the Judges:

And a very special thanks to Jen Swain for her mentorship during Jam.


How to Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in our next Jam, please email me on or use the the form below

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"It was brilliant seeing participants with varying skill levels interact and learn from each other. First-year, second year, final year undergraduate students, and postgraduate students were able to share their experiences and their progress. Not everything had to work, but all ideas were brilliant.

The hidden pug and the Rickrolls were hilarious"


~ Gernot, Senior Lecturer Bournemouth University






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