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We are looking for a Senior Developer to join our team here at Bournemouth Digital. The successful candidate will ideally be a developer of 10+ years working in web, and with some leadership experience, looking to move their career towards eventually becoming a technical lead.

Interested? Email [email protected] for more information.

No recruitment agencies please.



For a full job specification and list of duties please email your interest to [email protected] 


Again, no recruitment agencies please.


We are looking for a Senior Developer to join our Web, App and Software Development Agency, Bournemouth Digital. The successful candidate will Ideally be a developer of 10+ years working in web, and with some leadership experience,  and a determination to move their career towards becoming a technical lead.

For job specification and list of duties please email your interest to [email protected].

The role is split into 2 key responsibilities:

  • 70% development - Delivering project work in .Net, PHP, JS... Or whatever technology the project requires
  • 30% tech leadership - Mentoring junior developers and helping with project pitches

Applicants should expect to work on exciting projects from local start-ups (for instance ...), international media giants (... ...), select partnered creative agencies (... and other companies of all different shapes and sizes.

Although every member of the team is a Software Developer / Architect, we have a very entrepreneurial culture. We encourage extra curricular projects and even have some internal success stories. As a team we continually look for business opportunities by exploring funding, growth areas and relationships with other local organisations and individuals. We invite the successful applicant to do the same and in return we freely share our own knowledge, network and resources to promote ventures they discover.

Being a tech focussed agency we concentrate primarily on producing the underlying code and infrastructure while partnering with other experts on things like marketing strategies, business processes or branding.  This is how we bring value for our clients - by being extremely knowledgeable on the engineering side of digital transformation projects and not getting too distracted with the other areas.

The primary technologies we use in house are:

  • C# ASP.Net
  • Java
  • PHP
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript 
  • JQuery / React / Vue.JS

And the primary platforms we build on are:

  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • SiteCore
  • EpiServer
  • NetSuite
  • SVN & Git
  • AWS & Azure

However, the stack is forever expanding as we love to experiment with the latest technologies, using company time and money to explore the latest trends.

The Company

Based in central Bournemouth, the company is relatively young and has a “Startup” feel. We are all passionate about technology and most things geeky, with lunchtime LAN gaming sessions commonplace and a number of collaborative projects worked on outside of the company.

Due to the growth of the company we are looking to improve the diversity and strength of our development team.

Since the corona virus we are hearing a lot of questions about the stability of the company. We’re actually doing really well. We’ve seen an uptick in spend, especially with clients that need to feel like they are in safe hands, and have a good forecast for the next 12 months. So much so, we’re hiring {ahem}.


With clients that are both large international conglomerates, and small local independents, we are never short of interesting and varied work.

Some examples of our clients include:

  • Vice Media
  • Etch UK
  • DVV Media
  • Waterside Holiday Group
  • Kobalt Music
  • Personnel Today
  • Rio Heating
  • and lots more...


We often hand out bonuses to praise employees who have done really well on specific projects. These range between 100’s and 1000’s of pounds. But, alas, we are not big enough to have an official bonus scheme yet. Sorry.

Real Flexibility

Need to pick up the kids regularly? Or have a gym session at 9am every Monday?

We offer truly flexible working. Because we emphasise delivery of value, not delivery of hours, the way we treat “core working hours” is very different to most companies. If you are delivering value and the clients are happy, you choose how and when to do the legwork.

Personal Development

Company sponsored training in areas that interest the company is a given... But we also have a £50 personal development fund we encourage everyone to spend each month. From personal fitness, to learning sculpture, to buying the latest raspberry pi...

The Office Usuals

If you're working out of the office there is also the usual “hip” agency things… Beer/drinks fridge, coffee machine, snacks cupboard, ping-pong table, takeaway evening, onsite parking blah blah blah ect...



If you are interested in applying please send you CV and a covering letter to [email protected]



We look forward to hearing from you :-)



Let's work together

Contact us on 01202 800994 or send an email to [email protected].


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