Website, App and Software Development

Whether you have an idea for a website, desktop application or mobile app; or you need developers to fill in a gap in an existing project, we have an in-house development team that can help.

We build completely bespoke code for completely unique systems, as well as maintain legacy systems on bespoke developments that need additional resources for up-keep.

Business Partnerships

Large businesses and SME’s alike need development contractors to work on specific projects. Our in-house development team are ready to get stuck in with any software problem you need solved.

All of our developers:

  • Are excellent communicators;
  • Have an in depth understanding of business processes;
  • Have Advanced Software Engineering Experience;
  • Will work on-site, or remotely, independently, or as an addition to your team.

Give our development director Dan Griffiths
a call or email outlining what you need.


We are the development partners for a number digital startup companies - incubating, nurturing and guiding them through the challenging first few years and beyond.

Although focused primarily at design and development, we also have ties to other agencies to find the right expertise you need to get your system off the ground, including SEO and copywriting.

Technology Agnostic Approach

As a multidisciplinary team of engineers, we put life into the systems we develop by taking an open minded approach to the programming language used. We are aware that adopting a specific, “convenient” language can be restrictive, and therefore try to make the engineering decisions fit the project, not the developer.

We tend to work with the following languages as they often provide the best fit for most situations:

  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • AWS Lambda
  • HTML, CSS and JS
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