Paphos Podiatry

Paphos podiatry is a dual-lingual Umbraco driven website. The owner, a podiatrist based in Paphos Cyprus, was looking to revamp her old website to keep it fresh, relevant and modern.

Her aspiration was to attract more clients to her business by creating a stronger online presence.

The Challenge

Our main focus was to help the client achieve her expectations by creating a clean, fresh and user-friendly experience for everyone who visits the website. With a UX centric approach, the website design had to be easily understood and with all the information effortlessly discoverable, and primary call to action finally of requesting an appointment. Also, with the task of creating a stronger online presence in hand, we focused on creating a modern website while maintaining a functional user experience, to address every target age group. Finally, as the podiatry is located in Paphos, which is a place inhabited by lots of Greek and English speaking people, it had to accommodate both of these groups. Of course, all the content had to be easily maintained and altered directly by our customer.

Our Solution

In order to achieve the best result, we created a tidy and minimal design, with lots of whitespace and enough text contrast to make it more legible for senior visitors, while keeping it aesthetically pleasing for the younger target audience. The double language format was implemented to help both the Greek and English speaking residents of Paphos read all the content of the site, which puts her website a step forward in comparison to her competitors. In order to give to our client the option to change whatever she wants in her website, from text to images and from certain pages to navigation bars, we used Umbraco CMS, giving her the freedom to manage it whenever she feels necessary.
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