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We have been working with a fantastic UK company, Alrad an industrial imaging company, which has been providing high-quality components and scientific instruments to its customers for 50 years! We have been developing a way for this company to adapt and diversify how and when they connect with customers and continue to offer support and expertise.

Like many business to business companies out there who rely on sharing physical copies of product catalogues, word of mouth at trade shows and catching up with past clients over the phone to push their latest and greatest additions to their product line up. This has been a great way of working for many reasons especially building great client relationships and really understanding what products a customer needs to complete a project. However, newcomers to the market or people who can’t make that trip to the next big trade show could be missing out on products which could elevate their projects to the next level.

eCommerce has been a huge success in the consumer goods industry but hasn't quite made its mark in the private sector. Naturally, there are some valid reasons you might think eCommerce doesn't fit into the private sector, individual customer pricing, bulk purchasing and large payments to name a few. But there are equally valid reasons an eCommerce system can work brilliantly in parallel with standard business to business practices with a few tweaks to the standard eCommerce model.


Product catalogue

Alrad’s new eCommerce system allows them to have an up to date product catalogue available 24/7 for customers new and old to look though the moment inspiration strikes, helping clients get their projects off the ground quicker.



Enquiry forms

‘Request a quote’ functionality on all products, allows customers to get in touch with just a few clicks to find out how Alrad can help meet a customer's project requirements. 

Gated Pricing

For those products where bulk purchases are needed or pricing is sensitive, customers can create an account. Once approved a customer can continue to view Alrad’s product line with all the information they need to be made available.


New customers

eCommerce systems are fantastic at welcoming new customers and up and coming businesses, allowing them to browse at their own pace. Alrad is no different, big or small you are welcome to get in touch through the contact or quote forms, or just calling up!


Supporting smaller purchases

A customer may just need to quickly get a component or piece of equipment, this is where eCommerce is in its element. With simple user-friendly payment and shipping updates, an eCommerce system is a great way to handle straightforward transactions. Alrad’s new site supports shopping online, allowing flexibility for customers to purchase equipment however they prefer.


You can have a look at Alrad's site here!

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