How to use development to create a right-fit NetSuite platform

NetSuite is an ultra-flexible cloud-first business platform. Not only is it suited to a vast range of industries and business sizes, it covers a host of business-critical back-office functions including accounting, financials, CRM and eCommerce. The platform offers many methods for configuring and optimising the setup and operation of the system such as your own terminology, corporate branding and key data points. Yet when it comes to fully integrate NetSuite with your business, extra effort is often required. In fact, it’s very common to encounter situations where standard functionality is just not able to satisfy your unique business processes or connections with third-party applications. It makes sense. Despite all of its functionality, it’s virtually impossible for one product to service every single type of business out there. This is where NetSuite development and bespoke customisations are critical. 

NetSuite leverages a unified data model, the system and all its elements are built on one single source of code. This creates your single source of truth that is able to support custom development. These developments can include everything from changing form design layouts through to custom API integrations with third-party apps. There is a significant advantage in this approach when you develop NetSuite to fit around your unique business needs you are able to boost the efficiency of your business processes and further increase the ROI potential of NetSuite.

In this article, we explore the ways of developing your out-of-the-box NetSuite system will bring further value and cost savings to your organisation. 


Functions, processes and applications

When it comes to improving processes and functions, NetSuite is highly extensible and customisable allowing you to build new functions, processes and applications – all housed within the NetSuite platform. This is made possible with the SuiteScript API which offers development capabilities that allow complex processes with branching logic and time-based decision trees to be automated. This can then trigger NetSuite standard activities, create or modify data in the system, communicate with external data sources or even string together specific pages into a multi-step workflow process, complete with decision tree branching capabilities.

The huge benefit here for businesses is the potential to extend or automate manual business processes by, for example, validating user input, creating records, querying records, sending emails, and even making outbound calls. The key here is to align the automation with existing business processes and goals, allowing you to create new levels of efficiency. 


From siloed to single systems

NetSuite has a lot of capabilities, in many cases, it will not be the only system you use. You may have existing or legacy software that is integral to your business such as marketing, CRM or commerce systems. This doesn’t mean you must continue to duplicate data entry and manage each system separately. This is where SuiteTalk comes in. SuiteTalk integration allows you to integrate third-party and legacy systems seamlessly with your NetSuite platform. Once integrated you can continue to use those legacy systems yet use NetSuite and its single data repository. The flow of effect for reporting and analysis is clear – one set of data equals one united view. 


Personalising NetSuite with apps and other tools

Beyond the big integrations and business process workflows, there are other ways to make NetSuite work for your business, and that is by using or building custom apps. You can choose to use SuiteApps – these are native NetSuite applications developed by third-party software vendors with NetSuite's SuiteFlex developer tools. Almost every business function and vertical is covered so you have a wealth of choice. There’s productivity apps, warehouse management, asset management, communications, collaboration. The list is endless. You can also have a custom app built for a specific business requirement.  


Getting it right by engaging experienced NetSuite developers

It’s clear that NetSuite offers more than just face value with plenty of development options to make the platform truly yours. However, the technology and skillsets needed to implement much of the development we have discussed are wide-ranging - expert help is often necessary. This will also help ensure that any enhancements or custom code follow best practices, so you have a future-proofed solution.


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