Story Telling with Data

Creative Jam

Want to gain more experience in Digital Design, Software/Web Development or Data Analytics?

Join our Creative Jam session Wednesday 11th Nov at 10:00 am to take part in this fantastic opportunity, and work alongside other students to improve your skills!

The event is now over and the winners have now been announced!

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Not only is there £1,000 prize money, but its great fun and will look amazing on your CV.



The Challenge: Story Telling with Data

By giving data context you turn it into information. One of the biggest challenges for designers and data analysts these days is presenting data in a meaningful way to the user.

Bringing data to life and offering people the chance to see and understand information in a different way can be so important to many areas of the modern world.

Some example of where we've seen this work really well are:

Wednesday 11th November - Launch - 10:00 BST

On the day we will introduce the event with a short YouTube live stream, and then encourage everyone over to our discord website (a bit like whatsapp).

From there we'll confirm teams and hand over to the mentors to organise the contestants, and get the ball rolling.

Friday 13th November - Presentations and Awards

By 3pm we would hope that all the teams are winding up and ready to share their work. A team of judges and and mentors will bring together all competitors and announce the winners and the stand out projects.

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Want to Mentor a Team?

We're looking for agency professionals who work in tech, design and creative to lead the teams of 2 or 3 interdisciplinary students. On the day we'll introduce you virtually to the team of students, where we'll pass the reigns over to you to help organise their thoughts into a cohesive plan.

We understand that you will likely have normal working day commitments, but we'd like to encourage you to jump into a chat with the team as much as you can and help un-stick them where-ever they need it.

Please register yourself on our EventBrite page and click on the "Mentor" ticket type.

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"It was brilliant seeing participants with varying skill levels interact and learn from each other. First-year, second year, final year undergraduate students, and postgraduate students were able to share their experiences and their progress. Not everything had to work, but all ideas were brilliant.

The hidden pug and the Rickrolls were hilarious"


~ Gernot, Senior Lecturer Bournemouth University






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